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This website is committed to providing equal and uncompromised service to all users, including those with disabilities. We've dedicated significant resources to enhance website accessibility, developing tools that make our site and others more user-friendly and accessible for everyone, especially individuals with disabilities. Our company is actively engaged in efforts to make web content accessible to people with special needs. 

Access to the company’s website through A11y360™ software (referred to as “the Software”), designed for easy and convenient access to website content. While most pages on our site meet accessibility standards, please be aware that some parts or features might not be fully accessible yet. The responsibility for the use and application of the site, including content viewed, lies with the site owners and/or their representatives and is subject to the terms of use of the Software. 

The site is optimized for viewing in major browsers such as: 

  • Edge. 

  • Chrome. 

  • Firefox. 

  • Safari. 

  • Opera. 

Accessibility Menu Functionality: 

The website features an accessible menu, which can be opened with a mouse click or by navigating with the TAB key. This menu allows users to select custom options. To close the menu, click the close button, press ESC, or click elsewhere on the page. 

Site Navigation: 

You can navigate the site using the TAB key for forward movement and SHIFT + TAB to go back. We support the NVDA screen reader for Windows/Mac OS users. 

End-user Accessibility Features: 

  • Color Contrast Filter: Ensures high contrast between foreground and background colors. 

  • Font Adjustments: Users can change the font size to 200% and switch to Arial for better readability. 

  • Stops video’s blinking and flashing of moving elements. 

  • Navigation to Landmark Regions: Skip links to header, main, and footer regions are available. There's also a 'back to top' link on each page. 

  • Increase the cursor size to black or white colors. 

  • Contact form: The Contact Us form is available for reporting accessibility issues. 

  • Typical view: Reset all filters to return to the page's standard view. 

Reporting Accessibility Issues: 

If you encounter any accessibility issues, please let us know. We strive to maintain our site to the highest standard. To help us address issues effectively, provide detailed information, including the specific problem, your actions, the page you were on, your browser type and version, your operating system, and any assistive technology used. 

Accessibility Coordinator: 

Contact our Support Team for any accessibility-related inquiries or feedback. 


Contact Details: Support Team 


We welcome your feedback and are here to assist with any accessibility concerns. 

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